“What did I put in your hands?”


Hi, Kings and queens! It’s been a looooong time since I have written any blogs! Oh my gosh I feel so bad. I’ll be honest, I  have lost track of my passion with writing. It isn’t always easy but I definitely needed to get myself back on here.

I really wanted to share a   message with you all. I’m going to share a new blog for this summer and get back into the swing of things. I promise!ūü§ó

So this months long awaited blog is about ” Resurfacing your gifts- What did God place in your hands?”.  It’s basically a question that I feel the Lord pressed upon my heart and I wanted to share. So I hope you enjoy.

Did you ever feel like life was passing you by? Did it ever feel like time was just moving and you can’t see what you have done? It’s as if you see everything moving around you, but you’re in this still mode. Everyone’s running towards their goal and passion and you just seem lost?

Did you ever wonder why it seemed as though everyone else was being blessed and you weren’t. Well I believe I  have some answers for you..

For the past few months, I was really frustrated. Feeling as though  I was in limbo. I didn’t know if I was going up or down. It didn’t feel like I had anything to offer. I complained ,was angry and  bored. I was envious and annoyed. I saw so many other people flourishing in their purpose. I saw so many families being blessed and I didn’t see anything happening for me.

It’s not until recently, God reminded me something and it’s helped me get my mind in the right perspective.

While I was complaining and murmuring about what I didn’t have. I didn’t see what I did have!

Sometimes you won’t know how hungry you are until you make a move,get some food and eat. God made me hungry again.  God stayed quiet and I was like.. “Helloooo ,God I need you!” And he was silent showing me how to turn back to what he originally gave me. He made me face … What was always in front of me and allowed me to recall what I had.

I was in the bathroom and I heard the Lord tell me ” What did I give you, what did I put in your hands?” I was literally thinking about money.. I didn’t realize at first what God was trying to say.  I was focused on my bills. I  was focused on all I needed and  the question just had me all messed up. I stood in the shower just thinking.

The question reminded me of the parable of the talents. (See Matthew  25:15- 30)

I immediately realize how it was my fault.  It’s not that God wasn’t blessing me. It wasnt that I was lost. It’s that I dropped what he gave me. Ouch!

We are like the slothful one in the parable who buried his one talent. Why? because he looked at the other portions other people got. What about your portion??We’re so focused on how this person has more of something and that we have one talent? We’re not content with the portion we have, so we complain.

The Lord gave me a gift and I buried it. Now I was being reminded to pick it up. You see, the Lord gave us all our own portion of talents, gifts, ablities, and strengths. In so many different ways, we are ALL loaded.

Some of us are artistic, singers, writers, educators, administrators, hospitable, navigators, leaders and etc. Yet the problem is we can be ungrateful. How do you know that the one gift you have may not be fully loaded with extra in it? How do you know that the one book idea you may have ,won’t be a bestseller and open doors for 5 more?

I say all this to say, don’t be dismayed by what you see little of, or that you may not see much in. I always tell my friends that your little may be someone else’s much! I have looked at so many singers and stopped singing. I have seen so many moguls having great bestsellers and I stopped writing. What a waste of time, because I buried my passion and forgot what God put in my hands.

So today I want to ask you.. “What did The Lord place in you? What did he put in your hands”.

You aren’t broke. You aren’t lacking because God has put what you need in you! God didn’t put you on this Earth without a purpose or gift. You may have not discovered your treasure because you’re discovering someone else’s gems and fail to see your own.

A basketball In Michael Jordans hands made him a millionaire.

A rod in Mose’s hands made him a deliverer

A voice like Beyonce’s made her famous. But what about you?

Are you a writer? A singer, a teacher, a public speaker, an anchor in the making? What is in you? God has placed a gift in you,that has to resurface because there’s greater in you! I believe it’s your time now to reactivate the fire . Stir up the gifts and go for what lies ahead of you! What’s in the past cant dictate what’s in your future.

Today, I want to encourage whoever is reading this blog  with this:

Whatever God has placed in you is not lost. It’s in you!! It’s time to resurface your gifts. It’s time to rediscover what you have covered.

I pray today a divine reset over your life. I pray that all that you’ve buried because of fear or shame may be resurrected and revived In Jesus name. Don’t be like the one that was slothful and buried his one talent because he saw others have 2 or 5. Work out that 1 till the one talent opens doors and brings you before great men.

I believe in you, I’m praying for you and I know that what God has placed in you will be a blessing. Go pick it back up. The world is waiting. Go and make your father in heaven proud.

Your sister in Christ,

A queen with soul ūüĎĎ



Hello kings and queens!

It’s been almost a year since I’ve blogged but I promise  I’ll be back  at it. 

First I want to say Happy  New year!! I pray who ever is reading this so far is happy to be alive in 2017. This year is already AMAZING and I want to encourage everyone to have a positive  outlook and plan your goals accordingly. 

So im going  to go right into it!!  I  am going to say that im truly  glad  to be alive  in 2017. I am extremely at peace.THANK YOU LORD!!!  There’s so many  things that’s been happening  with me and I dont know where to begin.  I will start and say that these last few months have been life changing. Through a lot of health  scares, life lessons and issues Ive decided to take care of my self.  PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOU!! NO ONE ELSE CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU BETTER BUT YOU AND GOD!!! THIS POST IS A SELF CARE POST… SO HERE IT IS….

 There’s a few things I want to leave with you that has changed me.

The first thing is me resting!! I always loved to sleep  but I really manage my sleeping patterns and pace myself now .  I make it a priority to rest my body  and my mind now. I Take naps, I drink tea and I turn everything off so I’m not  disturbed.  It’s so important  that as a person that you rest!! If you’re not rested then  your not going to be your  best or productive. Rest is truly the best option to rejeuvante and recover.

The second thing  I’ve learned to do is make myself a priority.  Self care is so vital and important.  I learned that I’m not effective to anyone if I can’t take care  of myself. I literally invest in myself in so many ways . I do my hair , nails,  but options and sprays  and small things. I invest in me!!  I feast from my labor and I enjoy “ME” TIME!! I  Buy things for myself and I buy  products that I know will make me more happy that are  necessary!  Self care is my top list “to do”. 

The third thing  i had to do which was next was to cut down  my circle of friends. I made a decision  to reevaluate  my relationships and I let God choose my friends. I literally  have like 3 friends and they are gatekeepers,  prayer warriors and wise counselors.  I realized I was investing energy and  time into people  where I was left with  diminished returns. It’s not that I expected anything in return but I thought it would be a fair,  equal exchange. I wanted to be around people  who would challenge  me and really inspire me .God  allowed situations to show me that somethings needed to change and I made decisions  i knew we’re beneficial. So I changed the courses of some the relationships  I was in and I  backed up. I saw where there was multiplication  and I saw were there was subtraction. I made a decision and now my circle has got smaller and I’m fine with that.

Overall I have made goals for this new year from the new perspective I have.  Now  im loving myself and being wise in  my investments of time and energy.  I am at peace. 

This year I want to encourage  you to reevaluate  your relationships,  your TIME and where you’re spending your energy. Pray and ask  God  what’s working and aligning  to his purpose and will for you. I did that and I saw that I was losing and becoming sick because I was not taking  care of myself.  My issues was  my lack of value in myself!!!

Dont fall victim  of making everything and everyone more of a priority  than yourself!! This year I challenge  you to make plans , goals and invest in you!! Get a planner,  get a white board and start  writing your plan on bettering YOU!!.



I called you to do this, I didn’t call you to do that .

Hey King and Queens!!!!  Happy May,
I’m baaaaaaaack!!!!
After five long months of not writing on my blog I finally have come back. Did you guys miss me?? I missed you all.
It’s definitely a privilege and an honor that I can come back and do what I love which is writing. These last few months that has passed coming into 2016 have been glorious. I have no real complaints ,the Lord has blessed me immensely.Everything that I needed ,God has provided.

Now I’m not going to go into a long list of what has been happening. I will say, that God has definitely been talking to me concerning my life, and what I need to be doing. I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t lazy, discouraged and slothful. ¬†I actually was all of the above ,including being discouraged. I had a huge problem. I wasn’t happy internally¬†. I felt uninspired and i didnt see anything happenning. I was focusing on what everybody else was doing and what everybody else was called to do and I kept thinking that I wasn’t really called to do anything.

I kept waiting for someone to call me and remind me what I should be doing. I was waiting for confirmation to where I should be and the things that I should be busy in and I waited and waited and waited and nothing happened. I had discontenment because i was watching and waiting for people. I kept looking at other people who have gone before me and those who are doing things in the kingdom looking so prosperous.  It appeared as if I was unfruitful. (which was a lie) The other people seemed more good at what they do ,and had more support and backing.(another lie)

Who was i kidding ? God didn’t give me anything right? That was ¬†the biggest lie and the enemy tried it. The Lord of course took his lovely hammer ¬†and he banged on me real quick. While I sat there and said “no one is reading these blogs God ,no one is reading the motivational things that I put up”.
The lord reminded me that he didn’t call me to do what everybody else is doing. He reminded me that what I’m doing is not for support, its not for backing, its for his kingdom PERIOD.

The Lord even showed me that through my consistency of writing that it was for my books ¬†later ,that would be published. YES BOOKS!! God revealed to me that he would compile all the wisdom he’s given me to be compressed, published and released to the earth. Here I am,worrying about why I’m not doing anything and God said to me to “pick back up what I gave you. What did I ¬†give you ? ” I looked back at all my writing last year and years before and I saw he gave me something special . It encouraged me that I had something I could use for the glory of God.

Today i want to encourge someone to know that what God calls you to do is not what everybody else is called too.What you see everybody else is being called to do may not be what God called you to do. God will say to you “I called you to do this”and he’ll remind you that “I didn’t call you to do that”. Sometimes the very thing that we’re looking for backing in ,is not from everyone.God is all the backing and support you need. It maybe be for select few. What every body is being called too,may not be for you. ACCEPT THAT .

We all are one in the kingdom of God. As one body of belivers we all have different giftings and administrations. We all have a work to do in the kingdom,but everybody’s work is different. The work is for the edifying of the body, but each in the body all have a different function. Some of the things that we see others have backing in, is not even what God called them to do. Popularity doesnt mean your pleasing God. You can be pleasing people and never please God.We have to stop looking at all the other things that everyone else is doing. Look at yourself first. What did God give you? What did God put in your hands? What is it that God has released for you and called you too? Stop waiting for somebody to call you. God already called you. God says” I gave you something, pick it back up”. We dont do things for support , we do things for God,period.

I am encouraged to ¬†press forward. I am ¬†passionate to get busy and write even more. God has called me to write and thats my goal,to finish my first book that will be released this year. I’m determined to finish what I started. I want to just go forth and pick back up what God gave me. With support or with no support,the work of the kingdom has to be done. What you may think is for everyone,may just be for someone. Our goal is to please God,not people. BE encouraged, because God didn’t call you for that, he called you for this. You know what “this” is.. Pick it back up .

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit‚ÄĒfruit that will last‚ÄĒand so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.”

John 15:16|NIV</

I love you and I’m praying for you

Daughter of the most high

The Faithful God.

imageHappy December kings and queens. Today’s blog is called the Faithful God .


As December opens its arms to greet us all,there are so many bitter sweet memories. There’s so many admirable things we can attest too. You and I both can attest to the fact that we’ve made it and we still are here. As I sit and think back for 2015 I feel so grateful . God has been faithful !!! In Spite of me Gods faithfulness was a constant factor in this year. I have a few more posts to share before the year is out but please dive into this new one below.Enjoy!!

For the last few months I have noticed how God has turned a lot around for me. I gained a deeper love, dependency and oneness with God that I’ve never had. It’s like I have a friend that will never let me down and it’s beautiful.
From January till this very moment God tore my walls down and he got my attention . I’m not done yet and theres still more work being done but I’m doing well.There was great demolition for this oneness that I’ve gained and it cost me a lot. Let me explain why I can say that God has been faithful .

It has been a rough year for many but it was a teaching year for me. When 2015 came in , I was extremely depressed and broken. I didn’t want to live. I kept asking God why ? I started the year and I lost my job in January . I lost friends, assets and my hope to live . I didn’t see how I was going to make it. I had bills for over 800$ And no job or income !
I was having panic attacks and I almost lost it. I didn’t know how I was going to survive. I was worried and I cried but God never let me go. He never let me look broke. He never let my face look depressed. The more I was broken the more he beautified me. God fed me each day.Through each month he showed me his hands, his face, his plan and purpose . I was strengthened through his word and comforted by every promise and I prevailed through all the trials.

My biggest problem which resulted in failures was where my faith rested. My faith didn’t have a eternal posture . My faith was connected to stuff for stuff and was not towards God.

Where does your faith rest?
I trusted in people and things. That’s why my faith failed. My faith and heart was set on temporal things and not the eternal God . Sometimes we’re afraid to let go of our dependencies and fall back. It’s because we don’t have faith that God will catch us. I was at my edge .. I was at my worst. God allowed me to feel alone, to feel the failure because he was birthing a new form of faith. He was showing me his faithfulness in spite of me. God saw the best in me and caught me. Inspite of my pride, my talk back, my sin God was teaching me how to see him.

You see, I was leaning on my job for so much and I think God wanted to teach me not too. I went through more challenges and more pain. Boy did It hurt a lot. I wasn’t happy with the process and I didn’t believe it was his intention but it was! I learned how to stop being so dependent on temporary things and this world. I relied on Jesus and he gave me supernatural strength to believe and see him only. I didn’t see friends when I lost my job. I saw The lord because he was the only one I could seek.

2015 has been such a crushing year for me, God banged on me hard !! I cried a lot, I had the fight for my life, I had to say goodbye to a life I built and settle in the life That I could only live through God.. . The lord showed me how I could believe but not in the life I built . He tore those walls down and made me see him . In the month of April at church, my pastor was preaching about contentment. He told us that God broke our crutches and our “just in cases” , he also said to repent for not having gratitude. I was so upset ,convicted and conflicted. however I realized that even with my frustration that my feelings didn’t move God.
I had to have faith because only my faith in God would move me out .. Not my faith in things for things. My faith in God .
I told God thank you for the season I lost it all, I told him I wasn’t happy. I told him I was Grateful that he saw it fit for me to face all of it. I also realized that my life wasn’t my own. I continued to trust God and worship. The more I kept worshipping , the more worse things seemed to get. I went through 5 interviews and not one call back. I didn’t get it.

So one day I got on my knees and said Lord forgive me for putting my dependence on things. I told God that I was sorry for trusting in temporary things and circumstances that had nothing to do with his initial plan. I realized I still was bitter and I had to tell God I submit and yes. I had to die to my flesh. It hurt so much and I didn’t get it but I saw that I kept saying sorry with my mouth but in my soul I was discontent. It’s not until I gave up all my pain and questions and said “okay God” … I said “if you have me here ,then do as you please”. I told God “if u don’t do anything for me.. You have already done enough”. I thanked God for water, for shoes , for toilet paper . Even for the pain.
I thanked God for things I could see and couldn’t see. And then at the end of The month ,favor and blessings came. I had Ravens (people) come from all different directions that God sent to feed me. I had gas for my car, I had free food. My insurance was paid for 4months ,I had a job with no interview. I had money given to me. I even started to meet new people and God turned it around. God showed me how to trust him. He showed me who was boss and I learned who I was in him. God showed me that I wasn’t meant for a 9-5 and that he had purpose for me . I no longer leaned on earthly goods and earthly possessions but I saw that my life that was spoken into existence was called for something bigger and greater.

In life there’s no guarantee in jobs, people or this world. Jesus Christ was and is my only guarantee and yours . Many are dying and they’re dying full. Full of potential and promise but never meeting their purpose. Our purpose is to please God. We all are purposed to prosper. Our service is too be a living sacarfice. According to romans 12:2 . Everyday you and I have to die to flesh , sacrificing our will so that heaven would Invade our space. Jesus is the only true and everlasting factor that makes sense and keeps us going. Jesus is faithful and God is faithful . His faithfulness towards us won’t fail even when we fail. I want to encourage the one person reading this today that Gods faithfulness toward you will never run out. All that we face is to birth out a new form of faith so we can be faithful stewards and better examples in the earth.

Sometimes we will be faced with opposition and adversity from all different levels. Maybe we lose a job or relationship. Maybe God allowed you to face a certain trial and that’s ok. It’s in trials that u see the goodness of God. Nothing comes easy. To be honest with you, I no longer look at life the same. I’m prepared for the best and ready for the worse. I know where my home is. I know who I belong too. It took me losing it all to gain my soul back in God . I don’t regret the expierence and I don’t ever mind God being God in my life. I can humbly say it was good to face affliction. I thank God for this teaching year and I’m grateful for my days to come. I want to encourage someone to trust in God with all of you. Not just with your mouth but with your heart. Throw away your ways and seek God. You don’t know what can happen tomorrow. Your world can be torn down in an instant. God wants all of us, and he desires our yes daily. Our trust in temporal things can’t go with us to eternity. So today I implore you to see the faithful God. The one who has kept you, is keeping you and won’t ever let you go. Trust in his faithfulness and see that God has you and he’s allowed you to face the unthinkable to do the unheard of.

“Some trust in horses and others in chariots” but beloved trust and remember the name of the lord psalms 20:7)
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the lord with all thin heart and lean not unto thine ownunderstanding ,in all thy way acknowledge him mand he shall direct thy paths.

Thanks for reading

I am praying for you
Daughter of he most high


A call to my bride

A call to my bride.

This week i want to leave you with a few scriptures. This is what the lord says concerning his daughters, people and bride of Christ.

The bride of christ is not driven away or lost but she’s called in to come to the palace. She’s called so she can be in beauty. She is being drawn and gathered back to her first love. Today the Lord says that he will make our name a praise in the land and he will quiet us in his love. He will deal with our enemies and all those who afflict us. He says he will be with us and for us not to be slack with our hands but to put them to work. He will in exchange rest upon us with love and sing songs of joy over his bride.

Zephaniah 3:16-19 KJV
In that day it shall be said to Jerusalem, Fear thou not: and to Zion, Let not thine hands be slack. [17] The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his
love, he will joy over thee with singing. [18] I will gather them that are sorrowful for the solemn assembly, who are of thee, to whom the reproach of it was a burden. [19] Behold, at that time I will undo all that afflict thee: and I will save her that halteth, and gather her that was driven out; and I will get them praise and fame in every land where they have been put to shame.

In psalms,he says again to his daughter, his bride addressing us telling us to hear him and worship him. He will beautify us when we seek and worship him. So today we’re being asked to forget all our former ways, habits, and how we were brought up and to follow him.

The lord desires a  deeper intimacy from the body of Christ. He wants us to glean from his garden. He desires to make us a beauty before the eyes of man. With the best of garments and the best cloth. Today the lord wants to draw us in so that we can enter the palace. His place of rest. His rest is here and he is in the midst of us.

Psalm 45:10-17 kjv
Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine e ar; forget also thine own people, and thy father’s house; [11] So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thou him. [12] And the daughter of Tyre shall be there with a
gift; even the rich among the people shall intreat thy favour. [13] The king’s daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold. [14] She shall be brought unto the king in raiment of needlework: the virgins her companions that follow her shall be brought unto thee. [15] With gladness and rejoicing shall they be brought: they shall enter into the king’s palace. [16] Instead of thy fathers shall thy children, whom thou mayest be make princes in all the earth. [17] I will make thy name to be remembered in all generations: therefore shall the people praise thee for ever and ever .

Today, remember to hear the call of the king. He desires his queen ,his bride , and people to come and listen to his instructions. The king calls for his lover to come so he can pour his love, joy and goodness upon you. Open your ears and come to hear him. Your name is about to be a praise in the earth.

I love you and I’m praying for you

A Passion to pray

Hey kings and queens!! I pray all is well with you.
I wanted to share a quick blog this week about having a “passion to pray”.


Did you ever feel like you lost your urge or passion to pray? Does it ever feel like everytime you make time to pray that you’re too tired, distracted or lack strength?.

Today i want to help you get back to praying like the warrior you’re charged to be.

The scriptures tell us in 
1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 KJV
Pray without ceasing. [18] In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

To pray without ceasing means to never stop, to always keep it going. A continuous practice or habit.
Now,Prayer isnt just something we do but prayer is who we are. We dont go to prayer summoning and conjuring things to come. When you go to the father  in prayer, you  come as a child first who is a channel,vessel or conduit that will release. In coming lowly with an open spirit you make yourself available so that you can be filled with his word, wisdom, heart and will.

In a daily exchange with God  after much worship, repentance and expectancy now ,we open our hearts to know the will of the father.

Ephesians 5:17 РWherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord [is].

We sometimes see prayer as a ritual practice but its a continuous opportunity to commune and fellowship with God. Each momemt that you set a time, honor the lord and make him a priority he draws near and you gain a deeper relationship with him. You become more in tune and not all over the place.
James 4:8 KJV
Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

The reason why many of us lose the passion to pray is because at times we’re way too busy!!! We’re¬† Busy¬† being active in everything but Gods presence. We’ll continually participate in things that concern us but we dont come to God to pray his will to learn what concerns him.¬† This is why our prayers at times are so quick¬† filled with babbling but not able to¬† lift us because our focus is off.¬†
Matthew 6:7-8 KJV
But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do : for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. [8] Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

Prayer is simple when we honor the father, see the son(Jesus) and his sacrifices as well as invoking the holy spirit. God already knows our heart.
God desires our time but also our heart.
A busy heart isnt a heart thats senstive. God wants our time with him to be special. You cant rush prayer.

There’s times when we’re trying to seek God and we set a time, and we get side tracked with so many things. We tend to get so involved with so much ,that were aren’t connected.

How do i get connected again?
I believe that in order for us to have a connection and passion to pray is to desire to have Gods heart. Worship and praise released unto God ushers his presence in our lives. When we get his attention he comes now with his intention for us.
In the effort to know God you will know his heart, his will and his purpose. In knowing whats on the heart of God, we learn and understand the intent and purpose which births a burden.

A believer doesn’t pray without a burden. What is your burden?¬† Whats eating at you on the inside? What bothers you so much that you cant change it. Who is sick among you? Who is suffering among you? Where is there injustice, fear,war or sorrow? Whatever is bothering you is usually the¬† urden. It is the fuel and Passion needed to pray.
When your eyes open spiritually and you pray to ask the will of God he will instill a deeper burden. You’ll feel this urge and passion on the inside. The passion to pray comes from the holy spirit.

The holy spirit knows the mind of God and all that  which concerns you. God knows what you need before you even ask. The holy spirit can pray for you, concerning Gods will for you and God will  get the glory from you,through him to him! (See Romans 8)

Lastly the passion to pray comes when we have a passion , desire and daily seek to draw close to Christ.
Make him first priority. Spend time with him before you grab your cell or get on Facebook and text. God is first while everything and everyone else should be secondary. God doesn’t deserve the scraps, and the tail end of your day. He doesnt release the least to you.. God deserves the very best time,sacrifice and effort while your available, alert and focused.

The more that you seek him, the more you’ll know him. The more you know God, the more you’ll know his will, plan and his heart. His burdens will be yours and you’ll have a passion to pray.
I pray today you get back to the basics.  Ask, seek and knock continuously in prayer. Let the fire and passion to pray never cease.

I love you and I’m praying for you
Daughter of the most high

Changes and Challenges.


Happy November queens and kings!!! Enjoy my newest November Blog below,God bless!!

Challenges and Change.

In life, there are many challenges. With the challenges, comes sudden change. They’re many Curve balls of different changes and challenges we have no control over. Now Challenges makes us change our perspective in life . Challenges are good for our character. The challenge’s we face changes us and we learn how to run to challenge rather than run from it .

Growing up I had trouble accepting the constant changes that came with life. I hated the fact that I couldn’t handle change. I went through many growing pains while I faced the different changes that came in my direction . I despised the process. I desired to have things in place and be in control. The Lord however had a different plan for me.¬† I was really complacent and content with mediocrity, God wanted to birth excellence out of me. I was okay with just having the same routine and predictable outcomes. God wanted me to search and find him. He wanted me to follow him without knowing hints but trusting in his holy spirit to see my way through .¬†I didn’t like it. For me, It felt safe and easy to know what to expect, so it was a perfect and systematic lifestyle.
I built this Utopian,mundane life that made me feel good. I built this fantasy of having it all. God tore my walls down and wrecked my corny idea of what I thought my life should be. God crushed my life and made me see him. The hand of God stripped the desires of self and directed me to his word and purpose .

I later learned that changes were necessary for my growth and although some changes were a bit challenging they all played a conducive role in my journey. This year in fact crushed me in every level. I lost my job, lost things and stuff, almost nearly lost my mind. All these new sudden changes i wasnt ready for. I had to choose to go with the change and take the challenge or just let change happen.

I grew up with many challenges. Some of my challenges were mostly physiological . I struggled because it was a constant mental battle with accepting. It was a choice of whether I wanted to accept God’s will and plan or do I reject him , his way and stay lost. I struggled with insecurity,self esteem and keeping relationships.. I didn’t think my life had any purpose. I had Major self esteem issues. I always felt the need to change my looks. To some people it seemed cool. To me I thought I was looking for approval each time. I searched for the approval and satisfaction of what compliment I would get. It wasn’t because I had money or because I wanted to try new things. I had trouble settling in who God called me to be for him.
I struggled with acceptance of who God said I was and who I felt I should be. I kept trying to build and build until finally I shut down.
It was imperative that I  learned that the challenges I faced in different seasons in my life that I chose to reject were the ones that would perfect certain character skills I needed. I had to accept that being a woman of God was a choice and there was no changing that. I wanted to just be and God wanted me to become.. Be what he sees and come into the realization of what  I am in him. It took a while to settle and stay submitted into the image that I always was but never wanted to see.
(Romans 5:3-4″We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. 4 And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.NIV”)

Change was a constant thing in my life ,like it is for many of us. The word change taught me a lot. The word of God changed me and it was a constant and progressive process daily. I learned through the holy scriptures that professing and proclaiming the word would change me. It renewed me daily. I had to grasp that change was inevitable. I had the power to speak the change I wanted to see but I had to proclaim it, i had to walk in the word to change in the Midst of the different shifts of life.

In life ,You can’t dictate when change comes nor can you complain when it affects you .God reveals more about you,to you and the result of his wisdom changes you. Change comes through experiences in life and it comes especially during trials. Trials that we face are temporary tests to help you and train you for the next level of your life. Change is like little minor adjustments meant to flip things in a different direction . As we adjust or choose to make adjustments,the results of the decisions ,are the effects of the changes we chose to make and the ones we agree to take .

In life you will go through many changes. You’ll undergo changes in ; decision, career, goals,season ,taste,style,spirituality,and even in relationship. Sometimes we may want something now and it may not be what God sees we need. So, God with his infinite wisdom comes in and shifts gears . A¬† strong wind of change comes and blows into our life for a good Godly purpose . For example-You wanted this job so bad and you prepared for it and prayed. You are faithfully believing you would get this new job and then boom, poof, bang.. God changes your perception on it. He’ll make you see how you’re settling, how the job isn’t the best he’ll show you much more he has for you because that little job wasn’t it.¬† You may waver and doubt that it’s his voice but you know deep down. You know when God is developing something greater in you and you have to decline. It’s finally when you see the bigger better offer God had set up for you. This is when you appreciate his holy spirit ,protecting you from making permanent decisions in a temporary season.

We may feel ready for a certain assignment and God may see that we are not prepared. He then works on us and teaches us something so we can learn a new lesson.
Change is good. Changes in life are strategically positioned to develop your character , its there to teach you about what you like and what you don’t like. With changes also comes Challenges. Challenges¬† are tough but they’re good. At times challenges may feel like you hit a brick wall. It seems like a obstacle course but it’s a course that will make you see life differently.

For example,You hit a brick wall. You hurt yourself pretty bad like for instance in a bad relationship.¬† I bet because you faced the wall you won’t hit one again because you learned something new . Now that you’ve been hurt you might of faced that challenge for a reason. God may have let you crack your face so you can feel some pain, so you can have a experience to help others.

I can recall a time in my life when I was madly in love with this guy. Well at least I thought I was. I really wanted it to work. I prayed, I fasted and I carried the relationship on my back. I was willing to make it work because I desperately wanted it too.¬† This breezy fantasy of a relationship was more like a ton of bricks on my back and was a burden. I was constantly arguing, crying, fighting and I was ignoring the signs. It wasn’t working. I loved the idea of a relationship but this particular connection was detrimental to my life. It caused me to have depression, doubt and much regret. It was clear that I chose to settle with having this dead weight of a relationship following me all around and it wasn’t pretty. Could you imagine carrying a dead corpse around you. Imagine the stench of that connection everywhere. You can’t hide or conceal it. The aroma and weight of something dead with no life is too heavy and to hard to keep walking with. I had to cut ties with that guy and I had to relieve myself from this dead end relationship.¬† To cut the relationship off wasn’t easy there was a lot of fleshly ties that wouldn’t leave me so easy. The moment I cut ties with my then ex I felt like I could breathe again.
NIV Heb12:1″Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”)
,I knew I hit my face. Very hard too. I hit a wall when I reached my dead end and I had learned from it. It was a challenge to let go but I was tired carrying this weight. I was tired and weak trying to be superwoman. This wasn’t Gods plan and portion for me I had to let go.

You might see a sister or brother¬†¬†¬† about to hit a brick wall and because you know how bad it felt when you hit your face.. You’ll stop that sister from the pain.¬† The challenges you face now becomes a lesson for you and another person. We all need changes and some challenge. Change of scenery, change of environment, appetite, and style.
Change and some. challenges are necessary. You need change. You need a challenge . If everything is easy then¬† everything is predictable . Things can be predictable but life shouldn’t be one of them. Life is too amazing to be predictable. (James 1:2-4NLT “Dear brothers and sisters when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.)

Today remember that Change is envitable but challenges empowers you through change. Challenges are a choice .Take the challenge and know that christ is with you through all the changes and plans hes preparing for you.

I love you and I’m praying for you
Daughter of most high.

Prayer of Elijah blessing 

Father in the name of Jesus, today I thank you for this day that you have ordained. Through your sons blood I have been redeemed, renewed and restored. I acknowledge that you are my God, my king, my savior, ruler and that you reign in me. I am aware of the access that I have to go to your throne boldly and enter in with expectancy of what I ask,as I seek you in your presence.

Today I stand before you humbly in the anointing of Elijah. I pray in the power that was given to him. Through the resurrected power of Christ given to me I withhold,operate and command on the authority of Elijah. I activate, appeal, and summons The mantle of Elijah to be upon me. Today I decree and declare that I am blessed to conquer and blessed to obtain the abundance of rain spoken by Elijah your prophet. I prophetically declaree the release of increase and blessings that was held up to be bestowed on me. May the rain of abundance awaiting my reception be poured out on me ,my life,family ,purpose and destiny. 

Today I command that there be a definitive demise of the operating spirit of jezebel. I Render the powers of darkness and Jezebel to be broken,annulled and void in Jesus name. I decree and declare all illegal activity and every cohort of Jezebel to be dismantled in Jesus name. I speak the fire of God to consume jezebels control ,tactics,plans works and decrees. 

May the fire of God fall down and consume every evil entity, diabolical assignment and demoniac petition over my life,generation,region and territory . I decree and declare that Ravens shall be at my command and assist me in this season. May Ravens be sent forth to deliver all that I didn’t expect and let all which has been delayed for years come to be expressly and swiftly. I pray the mantle of Elijah to be upon me. May the anointing of Elijah attract every assigned blessing ,connection and ordained promise to me, may the God of Elijah that smote waters with his mantle smite every large sea of troubles in my life.

The mantle of Elijah rests on me

The God of Elijah fights and avenges for me.

The blessings,riches, prosperity,goodness ,grace and favor of Elijah is mine in jesus name.

A double portion is in my hands and It will not tarry,Because I have it,and it will work for me.

The God of Elijah walks with me,rests on me, clothes me, feeds me, sustains me,elevates me and cares for me. I am blessed as elijah was blessed and covered as he was covered in jesus name.
I am eternally blessed to prosper and i will soar in higher places as elijah soared into glory.

In the name of Jesus I pray , Amen

Flow in faith


Today i want to encourage someone to flow in faith. I’ve learned at church yesterday that we all have been given a measure of faith. Not only do we have a measure but our faith has duration. The lord doesnt only want us to have faith but a faith that’s ¬†durable.

The bible says in Hebrews 11:6 KJV
But without faith it is impossible to please him : for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Everyday you and i will face different circumstances, hardships, lessons and trials. We are tested, we are tried and we are growing. In every season, in order for us to please God is with our faith. Everything we do derives from the faith that we have.  Faith comes to us by hearing the word of God. Did you ever wonder why your faith is low? Maybe its because your hearing contrary things that birth doubt or fear. What is the source of fuel that flows from within??   What are you hearing? What are you feeding your spirit?
Maybe you’re not flowing in faith because you dont believe that ” HE” (God,the lord) is… Who is God too you? Who do you say that he is to you?¬† If we dont believe that HE is everything he says he will be, how can we expect him, if we’re not seeking him.
You’ll never constantly seek someone you dont know so my question is who is the lord to you? Who do you say that he is??? . In order for faith to flow continually theres 3 things you should remember.

1. Faith flows continually when you are constantly believing and praising God knowing that HE IS!! He’s a healer,restorer, deliverer, friend,way maker, strong tower, provider, keeper, and all that you need him to be. In knowing him you continually will have a desire to fellowship with him. You wont have faith in him if you dont make a conscious effort to know him more.
2. Faith keeps flowing in you when faith is the grounds and foundation that guides everything you do. Its impossible to please God without it. Faith is your daily fragrance, your fertilizer that causes growth in you. Its not your feelings that move God. Its your faith!!!
Faith not only pleases God but it moves Gods heart to know that you trust him,and await his rewards and promises being fulfilled.
3.FAITH Continually flows when you keep your heart, mind and spirit stayed on christ. The more you hear Gods word and you worship, the more you water the grounds of your faith. Faith isn’t just a key for blessings it’s your Id that identifies who you are in a world that doesnt believe in God. Faith sets you apart.

Your faith has a measure and according to that measure depends on how much you recieve and have a capacity for.

Today my prayer for you is to have continual, never ending,transcending faith. Faith that brings you beyond your normal. I pray that your capacity of faith supersedes man’s norm and that you supernaturally catapult from glory to glory and faith to faith. I pray your grounds of faith foundationally will thrive you into unexpected releases,favor,goodness and Every promise given to you . May the endurance and tenacity of your faith never fail in Jesus name.

Im praying for you!! Let your Faith’s duration keep going, and going, and going…. Let it never stop because you cant be stopped!!!

Daughter of the most high

It’s YOUR time.

  Hey Kings and queens !! Happy ocotober… I feel led to leave a word of encouragement,about TIME …..sooo enjoy.

The bible tells us in Ecclesiastes that there is a time for everything under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 KJV
[1] To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: [2] A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; [3] A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; [4] A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; [5] A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; [6] A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; [7] A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; [8] A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

The word time means this (Time – to plan, schedule, or arrange when (something) should happen or be done.)

Today , I want to encourage you that in this season YOUR time has come!!! The planning and schedule for things to be arranged in your favor is NOW!!! The hour has come that the big hand has shifted and pointed to your number, the little hand has followed the rotation and now the hour has come for you to live. You have faced trials, you have faced loss, you’ve faced break downs and break throughs. You won,you lost, you cried and you laughed but this moment right now ,is your time !!! It’s your turn. It’s your divine moment to soar. You’be been watching time pass you by, but now you will flourish in time!! Heaven is invading your earth and Gods restoring all the time you lost. All the years you sowed in tears and all the moments that you waited is now over. Your struggle is over . Your depression is over. Your pain is over,And you are going to soar !!! It’s your time, it’s your turn,and it’s your season !

I pray that on this day that you would know that the hour has come for you to have arranged order,divine order and chronological sequence in all levels of your life…. I pray that the Father would let there be a series of sequence and success ,increase and divine favor in that order through your life . You will have more time and grace because longevity has been added to you. I pray your numbered days are filled with glory , purpose ,provision and prosperity in Jesus name !! Remember that Its not only your time but your turn!!!!

I love you and I’m praying for you.
Daughter of the most high

Queenreebec 👑